Clear your mind. Free your soul.

Ride & Coach

300 min

Ride & Coach is a planned bike trip with coaching along the way. You’ll be amazed at how you think in a helmet. Trips are anything from a short half-day trip to a multi-day coaching adventure.
Ride & Coach is a unique and profound coaching experience. In conjunction with all our coaching services, Ride & Coach will appeal to the person who needs to break away from the rat race to clear their heart and mind, creating space to think deeply, and of course, have a little fun.
First, we’d identify which of our excellent coaching services would suit you best. Then we will customise the ride/s plan around the coaching.
What do I need?
  • Valid licences (driver and bike)
  • Own bike (rented, borrowed, but not stolen)
  • Appropriate riding gear
  • Basic medical aid
P.s. Ride & Coach is not a “Learn how to ride” course; it is a “change your life” experience.