Clear your mind. Free your soul.

Adventure Coaching

±300 min

If you have not inspired yourself in the last week, you could be in a hell-loop. Now is the time to break out.
Adventure Coaching breaks the monotony of the everyday rat race by doing what you love or something different whilst having an extraordinary coaching experience. 100% unique to you; this coaching helps you discover the depths of yourself, enhances your confidence and sets you up for success. Exemplar Coaching Co. loves living outside of the box and knows the power of creating and adopting personal objective contexts that will inspire you.
Below are some of the Adventure Coaching packages we offer (and not limited to them).
What do you need?
  • Respective licences for your adventure. 
  • Own equipment (rented, borrowed, but not stolen)
  • Basic medical aid/insurance
P.s. Adventure Coaching does not teach you how to do a respective adventure.