What is Coaching?
Coaching is a process in which a coach works with an individual or group to help them achieve specific goals or improve certain aspects of their life. This can include career development, personal growth, leadership, and more. Coaching typically involves regular meetings or sessions in which the coach and client work together to identify goals, create a plan of action, and track progress. The coach may use a variety of techniques, such as goal-setting, active listening, and feedback, to help the client achieve their objectives. (At the bottom of this page is a comparison chart).
To fast-track your incredible life-changing experience, we’ve developed a free “Wheel of Life Builder” to help you identify which areas of your life need attention.
Discover Coaching with your Wheel of Life
  1. Complete the Wheel of Life Builder.
    Note: If this is as far as you go, you will only receive your Life-Balance Bubble (once we process your results.)
  2. If you are serious about developing a healthy Life-Balance but are unsure about what coaching is, simply set your free “Discover Coaching” appointment to have any questions you may have, answered. We’ll discuss your next step. Either we talk about further coaching or call it a day (the bonus is an inspired you and a new friendship). Win-Win!
  3. To maximise your Life-Balance development, start a coaching assignment with us where we use your Wheel of Life to design your powerful coaching experience. When you do this, we will measure your Life-Balance every month for as long as we have a coaching relationship. We are here to maximise your opportunities to Live by Design.

FREE: Discover Coaching


Comparison Chart